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Google's Project Ara Phone Could Have Launched with an Actual Aquarium Module Feb 26, 2017. Last year's cancellation of the Project Ara modular handset was 3. Ivanka Trump Will Have West Wing Office, But No Official Title. Sep 2, 2016 . Google is shelving its Project Ara modular phone initiative in an effort to . Google Is Killing An Ambitious Plan to Reinvent Smartphones . The move is part of Google's efforts to consolidate its hardware operations, which includes . GoogleSpring Equinox 2017: New Google Doodle Marks the First May 20, 2016 After hitting some bumps along the road over the past year, Google now plans to launch the consumer version of Project Ara, its modular.

The Ara frame contains all the functionality of a smartphone plus six flexible slots for easy swapping. Ara modules fit neatly into the frame, allowing for upgrades. May 21, 2016 The Google ARA modular smartphone project, allowing users to swap out modules As part of its developer conference this year, the brand has updated everybody on the project. A developer kit will be released later this year, with first commercial units to be expected in 2017. 3 days ago; 0 Comments.

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